Boebert Garfield County Jail ad

Republican congressional nominee Lauren Boebert talks about volunteering to counsel women at the Garfield County jail in a TV ad that started airing Aug. 13, 2020. Boebert, who beat five-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton in the GOP primary, is facing former state Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush for Colorado's open 3rd Congressional District seat.

Three weeks after hitting the airwaves with her first general election TV ad, Republican congressional candidate Lauren Boebert is expanding her media buy, her campaign said.

Boebert's announcement comes on the heels of an internal poll released last week by her Democratic opponent, former state Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush, that showed a neck-and-neck race for the open 3rd Congressional District seat, which has been held by a Republican for a decade.

Mitsch Bush's campaign, meanwhile, ramped up its attacks on Boebert following a report the first-time candidate was arrested five years ago on a charge that was eventually dismissed of interfering with deputies who were cracking down on under-age drinking at a music festival.

After launching a five-figure ad campaign last month on Grand Junction broadcast stations and social media platforms, a spokeswoman said the Boebert campaign plans to extend the buy through September and add cable stations throughout the sprawling district starting next week.

Mitsch Bush, who held a massive fundraising lead over Boebert at the end of June, has yet to announce the start of a TV ad campaign.

“I’m going to win this election because people want a leader who will fight for them in Washington,” said Boebert in a statement. “My message of freedom and prosperity slices right through all of the garbage Diane Mitsch Bush and the Democrat party are throwing my way.”

Last week, Boebert replaced her initial ad, which featured the restaurant owner and gun-rights activist describing how she came to be a conservative, with another 30-second spot featuring the candidate speaking directly to the camera. In the new ad, Boebert describes her volunteer work counseling "at-risk women" at the local jail.

“After their release," Boebert says in the ad, "some lived with my family and others I offered jobs. Because showing compassion, creating opportunities, providing a good paying job, is far more powerful than a government handout could ever be.”

Boebert's Shooters Grill restaurant in Rifle has gotten national coverage in recent years for featuring armed waitresses and a gun-themed menu. She drew headlines again in May when she opened for in-person dining in defiance of pandemic restrictions, earning a reprimand from the county health department.

The Republican, who upset five-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton in the June 30 primary, has come under increasing fire from Mitsch Bush and her allies.

Mitsch Bush's campaign manager on Friday called attention to a news story recounting Boebert's 2015 arrest on a charge of disorderly conduct following an altercation with law enforcement officials at a music festival.

According to Colorado Newsline, Boebert encouraged young festival-goers detained by sheriff's deputies to break free from custody and declared that she had "friends at Fox News" who would bring national attention to her arrest.

After Boebert failed to appear for two hearings, prosecutors ultimately dismissed the misdemeanor charge against her. She told Newsline she was "glad the legal system worked as it should have."

“Lauren Boebert only plays by the rules when they benefit her, and in the process, she’s demonstrated she’s willing to put public health and safety at risk,” said Ashley Quenneville, Mitsch Bush’s campaign manager.

“Lauren Boebert’s hypocrisy is clear — she thinks the law doesn’t apply to her. If Boebert can’t follow basic laws, how can Coloradans trust her to represent them with integrity as a member of Congress?”

A campaign spokeswoman on Monday said Boebert was "winning on all fronts of the campaign."

“Diane Mitsch Bush is flailing because she’s lying about her horrible longtime support for socialized medicine and now she’s desperately spreading a number of baseless and false accusations against Lauren Boebert," said Laura Carno, Boebert's communications director, in a statement. "The Democrat-backed press has been complicit in Diane’s lies and deceptions and the voters are seeing right through it.”

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