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Democratic Senate candidates, clockwise from top left: John Hickenlooper, Andrew Romanoff, Trish Zornio, Stephany Rose Spaulding, Lorena Garcia

It's a U.S. Senate race that could determine which party controls the chamber — and, to hear politicians on both sides tell it, the fate of the nation.

Colorado Politics did virtual sit-downs with the two leading Democratic Senate candidates — and spoke with other candidates still hoping for their shot. Read those discussions here: 

HICKENLOOPER | "I look at things from a small business perspective": 

Following more than a year of campaigning by scads of Democrats — a dozen candidates have exited the primary — and six months since former Gov. John Hickenlooper jumped in the race after a stalled presidential run, he’s the only one guaranteed a spot in the June primary, after submitting enough signatures on nominating petitions.

ROMANOFF | "I'm running to represent the people of Colorado":

After winning the precinct caucus preference poll over Hickenlooper, Andrew Romanoff, the former Colorado House Speaker, is primed to emerge from the state assembly to take on the better known, better financed former governor and a field of Democrats behind him. 

THE FIELD | With process in disarray, others eye path to the primary:

A field of other candidates — led by Trish Zornio, Stephany Rose Spaulding and Lorena Garcia — are still in the running despite setbacks dealt by the coronavirus-thinned precinct caucuses and difficulties collecting petition signatures.

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