About 70 demonstrators gathered Saturday near the Colorado State Capitol to protest what they alleged was fraud in the presidential election.

Calling themselves the Colorado Election Integrity Project, the group waved "Trump 2020" banners and held up signs reading "Stop the Steal" and "Masks, Tyranny, Corruption + Vaccine = Death" and "Biden Stole America" signs.

Others carried portable music speakers that played patriotic songs, including Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue."

The demonstration gradually grew to around 100 people as they began marching north along Lincoln Street and then headed northwest toward the 16th Street Mall.

"We're just trying to say that we don't believe we've had a free and fair election ... but what we want to do is we want other people to be aware of that, and that's the purpose of why we're here today," said Matt, one of the organizers for the demonstration. He declined to give his last name.

The Colorado Election Integrity Project has gathered at the Capitol every Saturday since Nov. 7. They said they are calling upon members of the Colorado Republican Party to investigate Dominion Voting Systems.

"We believe that the fraud was so overt and so obvious, and you can see that in the lawsuits that are being brought up across all the swing states," said Ashe Epp, an organizer.

While marching through 16th Street Mall, demonstrators chanted "USA" and "Stop the Steal" as they passed people eating on outdoor patios and shopping on a cool, sunny Saturday afternoon.

Few of the protesters wore masks.

Epp said she believes the COVID-19 virus is real, but she said it should be an individual's choice whether to wear a mask or not.

"It's my opinion, but healthy people should be free to citizens," Epp said.

"If you're sick you should quarantine and wear a mask, especially if you're within the vulnerable group, but when you look at the stats and the death rate is not as deadly as they make it out to be."

The group said it will continue to demonstrate every Saturday.

"We're getting much more organized and we will continue protesting until an investigation is conducted," Epp said.

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