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  • Non-profit executive who specializes in youth and social services with experience building non-profit organizations while keeping aligned and true with their mission statement.
  • Work history providing overall management, planning, leadership, and teamwork with the highest standard of courage, discipline, integrity, wisdom, compassion and humility for all parties.
  • Specialties include Non-profit capacity building, leveraging private and public resources for collaboration, Colorado State legislative issues, sustainable growth land use policies, and early childhood and youth developmental programming.
  • Former two term Eagle County Commissioner.
  • Founded and ran SOS Outreach, one of the country's largest outdoor sports charity for under-served youth in 9 states.
  • Owned and operated a property management firm for the Resolution Trust Corporation and Savings & Loans to manage bank owned properties in Chicago, South Florida and Beaver Creek.
  • Masters in Business Administration  

Why do you want this job?

  • I want to acknowledge people are all so worried by Coronavirus and how it is changing everything we value and love. That many are cynical about politicians.
  • As a Progressive, I have never been a conventional politician; because conventional party politicians are failing us. This is no time for business as usual. This is no time for conventional politicians.
  • We are out of time on a whole lot of issues...
  • The Republicans have held this seat for too long and it’s time to have a Democrat win District 8 for State Senator!
  • I am a two-term Eagle County Commissioner from 2001 to 2009.
  • I have a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Denver.
  • I founded in 1993 a national sports-based youth development non-profit, SOS Outreach that is still running strong in over 30 ski resorts in America.
  • I am blessed to be the father of a 15-year old daughter and 13-year old son.
  • I have lived in the High County of Colorado since 1993 and I have jumped into this race for the following reasons.
  • My 8 initiatives for District 8 are:
    • 1.Affordable HEALTHCARE
    • 2.Mitigating Climate Change and Pollution
    • 3.Affordable HOUSING
    • 4.Water quality and quantity
    • 5.Childcare
    • 6.Education
    • 7.Immigration Reform
    • 8.Preserving Public Lands
  • I promise that I will make this my full-time job and win Senate District 8 like I won two hard fought races before. I promise that if you support these values, I will fight to defeat a climate denier Republican Bob Rankin for our children and grandchildren. 

Budgeting in tough times 

> What is one bill you plan to sponsor that won't cost taxpayers anything?

> What new ideas do you bring in a time of budget cuts?

  • I have an M.B.A, owned a for profit business, non-profit and as County Commissioner ran a $100 million dollar budget. I know how to find dollars in tough times and through creative means. This is why I am supporting deBrucing measures to create progressive taxes or a wealth tax. I have endorsed Ballot Initiative #271 — Fair Tax Colorado which would repeal the constitutional requirement that all taxable net income be taxed at one rate.
  • I have created and advocated for another Initiative to have a 5 year tax on residential real estate over $5 million to back fund vital services that are being cut and to fund the transition to a green new economy. We are seeing the decline of the oil and gas industry and need to fund Colorado's next economy.
  • Finally, support raising the cap that insurance companies pay in malpractice suits, currently we have one of the lowest caps in the country and victims of medical malpractice are not receiving the money they need to recover and get back to work.

Perennial budget issues

> How do we pay for education?

  • Many of our districts still only go to school four days a week and are already running at bare minimum. We must absolutely build a ballot measure taxing residential real estate above $5 million with broad bipartisan support and detailed budget lines directing money to districts for teacher pay, operating costs, and curriculum.

Issues of the pandemic

> Are health care reforms an immediate priority? 

  • Yes, more now than ever. Rural Colorado has some of the highest costs in the country, and we are already seeing healthcare costs for Coronavirus survivors in the hundreds of thousands. At the state level I fully support Gov. Polis and Rep. Dylan Roberts Public Option to ensure every Coloradan has the access to affordable, comprehensive healthcare they need. At the federal level we must absolutely overhaul the system with Medicare For All, one of the many reasons I support Speaker Romanoff for U.S. Senate and supported Bernie Sanders for President.

Working together

> What is an idea or approach your primary opponent has proposed that you intend to take to the Capitol?

  • My main focus is to fight for Colorado to have a Green New Deal, to delay is to deny. We must follow the protocol of the UN scientists and get our nation off fossil fuels to protect our economy and children. My primary opponent is afraid to take on the oil and gas industry by demanding that the State Senate mandate fossil fuels out of use within the time period recommended by U.N. scientists. The sitting Republican Senator for District 8 Bob Rankin is a climate denier. Many Democrats at the Capitol are afraid to take on the oil and gas industry.
  • Leaders need to demonstrate the criticalness of this crisis and stop allowing the expansion of fracking permits. I have already traveled to Washington D.C. last year to work with legislators and the Congressional Committee on Climate Crisis to learn and develop legislation on getting to Zero Emissions by 2050 for our nation. We can do it here in Colorado by being a leader.
  • I have participated with mountain town communities who have joined together in a Mountain Towns NetZero. Working with these communities to create policies and lobbying to bring solution to an existential threat.

Managing Editor

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