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  • Grew up local to House District 34 single mother, 2 sisters and 2 brothers, lots of pets. Lot's of friends and family from House District 34. Attended Western Colorado University 4 years, Served in the US Government, US Navy forward deployed to combat zones on Freedoms Flagship. Enforced US Politics, World Peace, and Freedom of world Trade. Worked closely with Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Regulatory Agencies and have taken part in City Councils, Airport Board, Chamber of Commerce, Travel Council and other Civic related duties. Hard Working Professional Licensed Electrician, worked in shipyards and operated my own company designing systems and controls for Yachts. Artist, sculptor, Philosopher and writing. Religious foundation as a Christian/Mormon. Traveled the World and Lived in Japan and the Middle East. Visit my site, to see more about my civic responsibilities and more.

Why do you want this job?

  • I was born in Denver, Colorado living most my life in House District 34 Northglenn, and all my life it seems that I've been meant to fit this office and am the most suitable candidate for representing the constituents of House District 34. More than that I've been blessed with the knowledge and the skills and abilities to understand how to best serve the interests of the people of Colorado. My education is the great schools of House District 34, Adams County District 12 Five Star schools and at Western Colorado University I learned of the Western Slope of Colorado and have been to all the corners of our great state and served in the US Military with many from Colorado.  Having been deemed Honorable by the US Navy.  Vetted by the US Government and involved on many levels in civil government and always listening to the needs of the people of Colorado places me as the most fit candidate to represent House District 34.  I do this for my home and people who have influenced my life to bring me to this stage and desire to give back to my community.  I've seen some problems in Colorado and I have intentions to correct some issues and bring Common Sense back to Colorado and make life better for Colorado.  With a strong, hard work effort, knowledge of Legislative process and moral and ethical principals.  Makes me one of the most Honest Politicians running for HD34 and promoting less government and more Freedom for the people of Colorado.  While improving jobs, the economy, Right to Work, Parental rights, choice of schools, preserving what makes the USA the best nation in the world.  I have plans for the future of America and House District 34 my home where I grew up. This is  a major positive step forward for Colorado and I want to make my time Representing House District 34 worthy of future goals to run for higher office. With the support of the People of Colorado I look forward to being the next great representative of House District 34. 

Budgeting in tough times 

(Choose one to answer)

> What is one bill you plan to sponsor that won't cost taxpayers anything?

> What new ideas do you bring in a time of budget cuts?

  • New Ideas in time of Budget cuts? New Ideas, that's what put the budget in dire straits in the first place.  I'm Republican, I'm conservative. Since Babylon there hasn't been any New Ideas in budget cuts for Tough Times. What you do is take money that is being wasted on Liberal fantasy and take that back to realistic budgets. You keep TABOR the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. You shore up accountability, responsibility and fiscal transparency. Most of all you make sure the numbers are realistic and purpose is preserved. Unlike the last fiasco spend it up democrat 2020 COVID-19 legislative session where they misunderstood quite a bit about money. Education:  You look for what is essential to the objective and purpose of public schools. You look at the courses to make sure what is being taught is what should be taught and cut the courses that make no sense.  You cut things like alternative lifestyle choice education, or semester long Holocaust/Genocide religion-based courses. Courses that are not needed for graduation to meeting educational standards of Math, Science, Art, English, and Higher Education competency. No point to confuse young people, keep them focused on the future. Administration: You look at overhead.  Programs that make the top way to heavy and regulation that isn't the focus of a program or function of that sector of the economy.  Like an excessive vaccination bill enforced by school nurses, distracting and disrupting the daily objectives of getting children educated.  Or the witch hunt, inquisition, heavy technology based, file clerk, desk jockey objectives of SB20-217 implementation of a top heavy administrative program that puts fear into police and places few cops on the streets and increases the detrimental effect of crime because police can't do their job without big brother picking on every tiny scuff on their boots.  Bureaucracy is the most expensive and wasteful form of government. Reached word limit, there's more.

Perennial budget issues

(Choose one to answer)

> How do we pay for education?

> How do we pay for transportation?

  • K.I.S. Keep It Simple. Reduction of top heavy Bureaucracy. Figure out what we realistically need and cut out liberal fantasy. Maintain proper program levels and performance levels that actually improve the way we do things. Look at regulatory bureaucracy and simplify processes. Scale back progressive values that progressed education and transportation into too expensive. Fix regulation to encourage job growth, stimulate the economy and get more people the incomes they need to properly shore up the budget by fixing the tax base and release the government grip of control to an open cupped palm to hold more sand. Help the economy to thrive don't do a progressive democrat and make a tight fist and squeeze it to death. Stop financial reliance on government and foster the creation of business options, choice in school options and improved transportation options. Focus on the purpose and the function the reason that education and transportation exists. Allow a free market to thrive and budgets will get better. Function and Purpose: There has to be a logical reason for a program and there is always a straight line to get to your destination even if it is curved. In school choice we need complimentary education that shores up Colorado education goals to be world competitive and maintain excellence. Transportation must be wisely built and properly sourced instead of resulting in conflict because the Democrats and their fantasy thinking.  Fantasy thinking example RTD heavy rail north bound. They wanted to build everywhere but they didn't properly source or plan on delays due to flights of fancy in planning. Don't just look at the paper and sit at a desk. Engineering requires education and building requires skills and that's a high level of knowledge which is not easy work and you need parts, tools and equipment and people.  

Issues of the pandemic

(Choose one to answer) 

> Is the state reopening too quickly or too slowly?
> Are health care reforms an immediate priority?
> What are the best steps to rebuilding the economy? 

  • Well as we get more and more information it's not that bad as was projected, and if we stay in this 3 month downtime, our economy will be fine in 2021. I just worry about those negatively impacted by COVID-19 because recovery isn't quick especially if people are going from good credit to ruined credit. That's the worst that has happened here in Colorado because of a Democrat reopen program. Reopen faster. How many times do we got to realize the masks do not work and have no ANSI rating. Then that social distancing? Yeah right who are they kidding it's impossible and many people living in multi-family dwellings know social distancing is a joke. If you are sick, stay home and isolate. Colorado should be Open. Think the protests proved that. Health care reform is important they ran into a democrat snafu. They called it the "Glitch," where single income families get ripped off on healthcare. Other bad planning and irresponsible financial amounts and rough shotgun estimates of families negatively impacted. Even Elderly citizens are being priced gouged, on premiums, fees, costs, uncovered expenses, hidden costs and expensive prescription because of importation and reliance on other countries when we should be making medicine here in the USA and exporting it. Trump puts limits on China and the democrats in Colorado legislator imports from Canada and Canada imports from China. Expensive imported medicine. Scary thing is that this Health care bills are being made by a Nurse. Colorado demands Health care reform and it looks like the Republican party has the solution. Rebuilding the economy with President Trump looks good. If we can keep the Pandemic down to a 3 month impact. Outlook is good that we can recover the economy quickly and get back on track in 2021.

Working together

(Choose one to answer)

> What is an idea or approach your primary opponent has proposed that you intend to take to the Capitol?

> Name a current or former legislator from the opposing party you admire, and why.

  • My primary opponent simply mirrored me and brought nothing new and offered no insight into choice of schools. I had to go find ideas on choice of school from other sources than my opponent who seemed incompetent on the topic if not all topics, doesn't take interest in local politics and didn't know who the Republicans of her local 2019 election were. You could say the Republicans lost 2 seats because of her ignorance on local politics. I admire my real opponent the Democrat, Mr. Kyle Mullica. I was going to challenge him for city council years ago. I just didn't have the time for it. We share some commonality in the field of government and first-responder aptitude. Difference between me and my opponent is that I'm mayor quality and he was just councilman quality of the same ward I live in. We are neighbors. Before this election got started we had a friendly exchange. We two make for a good matchup in the general election. I'm a hard worker he's a hard worker and his bills reflect that. Even that non-essential bill of vaccines showed how dedicated Mr. Mullica really is. What he really has is personality, he defeated a former Adams County Commissioner to get his seat. Of course he has access to some dark money, PACs and some Democrat sources of funding. I might just outclass Mr. Mullica; I ran a good mayor race defeating one opponent and spent Zero dollars doing it. I was just going for city councilman, but found out the former mayor labeled it the "Toxic Council."  It was. I couldn't serve on that toxic council unless I was its Mayor. I spent nothing because I decided I wanted something more than mayor. I just wanted a good quality candidate to run against and that is Mr. Kyle Mullica. You want a good 2020 big election? Mark Bromley (R) HD34 vs. Kyle Mullica (D) HD34. Democrats fear this matchup knowing it's a real race with two deserving and top quality candidates.

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