Election judges at the Denver Elections Division receive, prepare, and process ballots on June 30, 2020 in Denver, Colorado. There are fewer judges working in the normally filled rooms to maintain physical distancing, and voting stations are cleaned continuously as a precaution due to COVID-19.

In the Democratic primary race to represent Congressional District 1 on the State Board of Education, Lisa Escárcega went on to take 71.5% of the vote over Donna Morganstern as of 10 p.m.

Escárcega is the Colorado Association of School Executives’ executive director and a former university professor. Her platform included a repeal of the grading system for individual schools and the creation of a committee for state and local education leaders to collaborate on policy. She received several high-profile endorsements, including from the Denver Classroom Teachers Association and Denver school board member Tay Anderson.

Escárcega will go on to face Republican Sydnnia Wulff in November. Wulff ran unopposed in that party's primary.

Morganstern worked for the Colorado Department of Education and the Douglas County School District. Also a former college professor, her platform promised she would examine standardized testing to ensure it would not take too much time away from learning, and also to increase the validity of the results.

Incumbent board member Valentina “Val” Flores was unable to qualify for the primary ballot this year. The Republican candidate, Sydnnia Wulff, is unopposed for her party's nomination. In the Denver-centered district, the Democratic candidate is favored to win in the general election.

The board is responsible for regulating educator licensing, setting policies and standards to govern curricula in Colorado, and accrediting public schools. There are seven members, each representing one of Colorado’s congressional districts. Currently, four members are Democrats and three are Republicans.

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