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U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, lower left, the chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, takes part in an online town hall about the operation of Colorado's election systems with GOP clerks and recorders, clockwise from top left, Carly Koppes of Weld County, Chuck Broerman of El Paso County and Tressa Guynes of Montrose County, on Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2020.

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, the chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, brought together GOP county clerks in an online town hall Wednesday to reassure state Republicans that Colorado's election system is secure.

"It’s so important for us to understand that our votes are not being manipulated," Buck said during the hour-long event, held on the conservative site Caucus Room.

Colorado, Buck said, has "honest and trustworthy" county clerks and recorders from both major parties "who are passionate about finding the truth and who are passionate about the integrity of their system."

The event come the same day President Donald Trump ramped up attacks on the results of the November election in a 46-minute video filled with baseless claims that his loss to Democrat Joe Biden was the result of widespread fraud and a "rigged election."

Three elected Republican clerks — Chuck Broerman of El Paso County, Carly Koppes of Weld County and Tressa Guynes of Montrose County — spent an hour responding to pre-submitted questions from Colorado Republicans about the election system they administer.

"As clerks, we believe like President Reagan — trust but verify," Broerman said.

"We believe your vote is sacred and your vote choice is secret. We can account for every single ballot that passes through our system. We have a verifiable system that can go back to a paper ballot. We can demonstrate that. Every step of our process is under bipartisan review and observation."

Many of the questions focused on Colorado-based Dominion Voting Systems, the target of wild conspiracy theories from Trump and his allies, who have alleged the company deleted millions of votes for the president and "switched" hundreds of thousands of votes from Trump to Biden.

The company's voting machines and tabulation equipment are used by 62 of Colorado's 64 counties, Broerman said, following a selection process overseen by former Republican Secretaries of State Scott Gessler and Wayne Williams.

"We’ve been able to verify to the public time and time again that the product is working," Broerman said. "We are considered the gold standard. Everyone wants to be Colorado."

He added that Colorado officials, contrary to suspicions expressed in one question, didn't receive any "inducements" to adopt the Dominion system, and emphasized that none of the voting or counting equipment used by the state is connected to the internet.

Koppes explained how every clerk's office conducts a rigorous audit following each election that involves comparing randomly selected paper ballots to the tallies recorded by the machines.

"I’m proud to report here in Weld County we had zero discrepancies for both the audited and unaudited races in the November General Election, the June primary and the March presidential primary," she said. "We can 100% guarantee that every single ballot that was cast was read accurately."

Responding to some of the unsubstantiated allegations about election fraud that have been lodged by Trump and members of his legal team, Buck said he was certain Colorado's election was conducted accurately.

"So to have some conspiracy theory in Colorado that something has been manipulated and the Russians or the Iranians or some group, George Soros or somebody else, is doing something to our system," he said. "I talked to Carly first, I talked to Chuck second. I am convinced."

Buck made clear, however, that he was only vouching for the integrity of Colorado's election system.

"It is so important that people have confidence in their election, that people understand that in Colorado — I can’t speak for other states — but in Colorado, we’re doing it the right way and we can have confidence in our election results."

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