Supermarket Shooting

Police stand outside a King Soopers grocery store where a shooting took place Monday, March 22, 2021, in Boulder. 

The Boulder County legislative delegation and House Speaker Alec Garnett of Denver released a statement Monday afternoon regarding the shooting at the Table Mesa King Soopers in Boulder.

“We are closely monitoring the tragic situation unfolding in our beloved city of Boulder. We are heartbroken and enraged at what has become all too common in our country: a mass shooting in a peaceful and loving community. As we wait for more details to emerge, we at least know this much: gun violence is an epidemic that has stolen far too many sons, daughters, sisters, brothers and loved ones from families across Colorado. We must continue our fight to reduce gun violence and save lives. Inaction is not an option.”

The delegation is made up of Democratic Reps, Edie Hooton, Karen McCormick, Tracey Bernett and Judy Amabile.

Police did not immediately release information but planned a news conference Monday evening.

Gov. Jared Polis tweeted, "My prayers are with our fellow Coloradans in this time of sadness and grief as we learn more about the extent of the tragedy."

U.S. Rep. Diane DeGette of Denver also weighed in on Twitter.

"Our hearts go out to everyone in the Boulder area," she said. "We can’t continue to live like this. We have to do more to protect our communities from the constant threat of gun violence. We have to find a way to come together and collectively declare: Enough is enough!"

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