City workers watch over a Denver ballot drop-off location on June 29, 2020. Without the typical poll centers, dropbox locations filled up the city for the primary election on June 30.

Facebook will conduct a poll worker recruitment drive this weekend, enabling U.S. users over age 18 to see a notification directing them how to sign up with the relevant elections office.

“We've also offered free ad credits to every state election authority so they can recruit poll workers across our platforms,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a post on Friday. “We're also offering paid time off to all employees at Facebook in the US who want to volunteer to staff the polls.”

Earlier this week, CPR reported that while other states are experiencing shortages of election judges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado does not fall in that category. The Colorado County Clerks Association said there has been an increase in interest for the positions statewide, including in rural counties.

“I've worked [in] elections since 2000. I've never seen an interest this high, this early for an election, especially a presidential,” Elizabeth Littlepage, an election judge coordinator for Denver, told the station. In Colorado, being an election judge requires U.S. citizenship, being a registered elector, and lack of a conviction for an election-related offense. The stipend for the job varies by county.

Facebook has also established an online voting information center, which provides information about mail voting, registration, military or overseas ballots, and the requirements for voting in each state.

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