Loren Hansen roll to the polls

Loren Hansen, founder of Roll to the Polls, speaks at a press conference to encourage alternative transportation to return ballots on Friday, Oct. 23, 2020.

A Denver bike lane activist and other cyclists are encouraging city residents to put democracy on wheels this week with a Roll to the Polls initiative.

The idea is to get people to use alternative transportation — ideally, pedal power — to get their ballots to a ballot drop location. A website, rolltothepollsdenver.com, explains more.

As a lagniappe, organizers hope to highlight that daily errands, such as voting, can be achieved on foot, on bike or on mass transit in the city of Denver.

“If you can get to your ballot [box] without using a single occupancy vehicle, you should have the ability to,” Loren Hansen, founder of Roll to the Polls who blogs for the website DenverUrbanism, said in a statement. 

He also is encouraging people to collect and return their neighbors' ballots, as well. The law allows someone to return up to 10 from other voters.

“If you have the ability to eliminate some of the barriers to those who may not have the proper transportation to get to their ballot, or may be experiencing illness, I would encourage you to do whatever you can do to make sure that folks have the resources that they need,” he stated.

Watch a video from a Friday press conference by clicking here.

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