Joe Oltmann of FEC United

Joe Oltmann of FEC United speaks with the Independence Institute's Jon Caldara about the statewide shutdown for COVD-19 in August.

Two Colorado-based conservative organizations known for public rallies are telling their members to stand down in the wake of the U.S. Capitol riot last week.

Supporters have warned of armed rallies at Capitols and government buildings across the country if Democrat Joe Biden is seated as president instead of Donald Trump, who is accused of instigating last week's breach of the Capitol as Congress certified the Electoral College votes inside.

FEC (Faith, Education and Commerce) United and United American Defense Force issued a joint statement Wednesday morning to "stand tall to ensure we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture" and told members not to "stoop down to the leftist’s level of chaos and anarchy."

FEC United and UADF said in statement Wednesday morning that events at the U.S. Capitol were "unacceptable and should be condemned by all."

As federal authorities were warning about the potential for more conflicts at state offices this week, FEC United told its members on Facebook on Tuesday morning:

"The events being planned to March on Capitols across the country are NOT being organized by Patriots. We are urging every one of our members and followers to avoid the Capitols and areas around them if at all possible. Be cautious and be aware."

The two organizations were behind an event called a Patriot Muster, when a rallygoer clashed with reporters before being shot dead by a security guard, 30-year-old Matthew Dolloff, hired by a security firm on behalf of 9News.

Photos show and witnesses said 49-year-old Lee Keltner slapped the guard and was discharging bear spray as he was shot. Dolloff is facing murder charges.

The Oct. 10 rally in Denver's Civic Center park was led by John "Tig" Tiegen, a Trump supporter and the co-author of a book on the deadly raid on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi critical of the Obama administration.

Tiegen's Facebook account was suspended after he used his social media accounts to "Restore Liberty, Demand Accountability, and Save Our Nation can only be carried out through appropriate, non-violent means."

“We cannot stoop down to the leftist’s level of chaos and anarchy," Tiegen said in the Wednesday morning statement. "We must hold strong to our morals and stand tall to ensure we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture — which is to hold our officials accountable to their duty to the people who voted for them. UADF is an organization that stands to defend and protect what is ours in the face of concern for the action, or rather, lack of action, the next administration will take to quell violence from left-wing, militia organizations. We have to be ready to protect ourselves and our neighborhoods.”

Tiegen was chosen in 2019 to officially file paperwork for Trump to appear on the Colorado ballot.

One of FEC United's founders, Joe Oltmann, is named as a defendant by a Dominion Voting Systems for alleging to have proof the voting machine companies security chief rigged voting machines to throw the presidential race to Biden, the much-disputed, unproven reasoning for those trying to overthrow the results and keep Trump in the White House.

Oltmann alleged to have proof that 13 reporters are members or affiliates of Antifa, the liberal organization conservatives say was behind violent rallies over racial injustice last year. Oltmann threatened to expose or "dox" reporters who wrote negatively about him or the organization, including on billboards.

FEC United has not put up a billboard yet.

Oltmann was ousted from a legislative committee meeting at the Capitol called by some Republican lawmakers to raise questions about Colorado's voting systems last month, after he posted on Facebook days earlier that he had contracted COVID-19.

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