Joe Oltmann of FEC United

Joe Oltmann of FEC United speaks with the Independence Institute's Jon Caldara about the statewide shutdown for COVD-19 in August.

Facing a defamation lawsuit, Colorado conservative activist Joe Oltmann is neither deterred nor broken from making claims or a stolen election or accusing members of the press who scrutinize him of being affiliated with Antifa.

Wednesday night, he took to Facebook to lambast a story that mentioned him in the liberal Colorado Times Recorder about a movie called "The Deep Rig" about how the election was purportedly stolen from Donald Trump. The article noted, as others have, that the film has ties the conspiracy organization QAnon.

The move was scheduled to be shown Thursday evening at the town of Parker Arts Center by Oltmann's organization, FEC United,. Oltmann labeled the film "a TRUE account of the election fraud in 2020" in his Facebook post.

"That is a fact," Oltmann wrote on the social media platform. "What is not factual is that I am a Qanon follower."

The story does not say Oltmann is a member of the organization the FBI has labeled a terrorist threat.

He threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against the reporter, Erik Maulbetsch, calling the journalist a "leftist Antifa terrorist," his story "a piece of trash," and the Times Recorder a "left wing rag."

Oltmann posted a link to the story under his Facebook post.

Maulbetsch told Colorado Politics in an email, "If Joe would like to point out any specific errors in my stories, I’m always happy to discuss them with him. In the meantime I thank him for reading and sharing the Colorado Times Recorder."

Oltmann did not return a call from Colorado Politics to comment further.

He is facing his a lawsuit from Eric Coomer, the director of product strategy and security at Dominion Voting Systems, said he was in hiding from Trump supporters when he filed a lawsuit in December, after Oltmann and other conservative media figures accused him publicly of working to throw the election.

Oltmann alleged he was secretly on an Antifa call before the election, when Coomer allegedly assured others on the call that he would ensure Trump would not win reelection. Oltmann told Colorado Politics at the time that he did not record the call.

He has noted, correctly, that Coomer had made disparaging comments about Trump on his personal Facebook page, which Coomer acknowledges in his lawsuit.

“Eric Coomer, you are a traitor,” Oltmann reportedly wrote on Parler in mid-December. “We are coming for you and your s---bag company.”

Others named in Coomer's lawsuit include Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, the website Gateway Pundit and conservative media outlets Newsmax and One America News Network.

The suit asks for "actual and special damages" to be determined at trial, plus attorneys' fees.

"The radical leftists are truly some of the most disgusting liars there are," Oltmann wrote Wednesday night. "Here is what we know … the truth is Dominion led by Eric Coomer and other election companies stole the election in 2020 using the same disgusting fraudulent systems they used to steal elections in Venezuela and abroad.

"4 deviations to normal in this election. They spread the fraud and used mail in ballots and the fraud of a virus to create chaos. Then they distracted and dazed the masses with racial and equity divides that divide not only neighbors but families."

Oltmann is not named in a defamation lawsuits against other conservative commentators filed by Dominion, which are more than $1 billion per defendant, including Powell, Guiliani, My Pillow founder Mike Lindell and several media outlets, including Fox News.

Last October, Oltmann threatened to out reporters he believed to be members of Antifa if they reported negatively or inaccurately about his organization. 

The Colorado Springs Independent reported this month that it was considering a lawsuit against Oltmann for Antifa claims he's made about one of its reporters.

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