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Colorado's Common Sense Institute rolled out the full version of its ballot guide Thursday to help business-minded voters interpret the policy questions.

The guide takes a close look at the tradeoffs of repealing the Gallagher Amendment property tax equation, guaranteeing paid family leave, reducing income taxes and requiring voter approval on major new fees.

Ballots will be mailed to registered voters starting Oct. 9.

“In just 10 days Colorado voters will receive their ballots and it’s one of the longest and most complex ballots in recent memory. Along with candidates and local issues, voters will also face eleven different statewide questions,” CSI president and CEO Kristin Strohm said.

“The impact of these measures is not without significance to our state. From a $1.3 billion tax for a state-run family leave program to a cut in the state income tax, the 2020 ballot will shape our economy for years to come. Our goal is to cut through the political spin and provide voters with facts and in-depth analysis.”

The think tank produces its own research on state policy issues to help decision-makers and the public untangle the math and big-picture impacts of decisions.

CSI has released portions of the ballot guide over the past few weeks, as its researchers and fellows studied the many of 11 statewide questions — those most likely to have an economic impact, including:

Proposition 116: State Income Tax Rate Reduction

Proposition 117: Voter Approval of New Fee Based Enterprises

Proposition 118: Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program

Amendment B: Repeal of the Gallagher Amendment

“Wading through political ads and campaign mail can be a challenge,” Strohm stated. “We believe voters deserve answers to the questions surrounding these important issues: How will this proposal affect our economy? Will this measure impact my bottom line? Will this make doing business in Colorado more expensive? These are the factors we studied, and these are the answers we sought for our analysis.”

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